skunk works

(noun)   |   'skuhngk-wurksˈ   |   synonyms: innovation, disruption

A skillful multi-disciplinary team, formed to solve tough problems on transformative projects. A skunk works team is purpose-driven, with a high degree of autonomy, and is comprised of maverick disruptive thinkers. By definition, a skunk works project is mission critical to the organization, such that failure is not an option.


Passionate Pursuit of Excellence

Our team is our top priority -- it's not all that matters, but it's what matters most.

The challenging enterprise work we execute is too complex to be undertaken individually. Rather, it requires a talented, diverse and highly collaborative team effort. As such, the quality of our team is foundational to the success of our projects and the organizations we work with.

We've worked hard to assemble and maintain an extremely hard-working, resourceful and skilled team. What we achieve collectively is vastly more than the sum of our parts or what any one of us could accomplish individually.


Begin with the End in Mind

We don't take on easy, smaller one-off projects.

Simply put, we do the 'tough stuff'.

As a result, we apply a mission-driven approach, that strikes a pragmatic balance between immediate short term needs and the longer term priorities of our projects.

While our work often involves resolving short term emergencies, we always do so with the long term goals of the project and organization in mind.


We Don't Wait for the Future, We Create It

Our cohesive team executes projects turnkey and build products from the ground up.

We follow a surgical methodology in all our work, with uncommon a degree of precision and attention to the details that matter.

We deliver inseparable strategy, design and development for the organizations we work with and the ventures we create.


An unyielding distillation of the design -- striving for less but better


Trusted guidance on what to do, when, why & how


Nurturing audacious ideas, from fragile conception to fruition


Unparalleled technical execution, with a reverence for strategy & design


Relentlessly Refining Our Craft

We 'define the curve'.

In doing so, we help organizations stay in the 'sweet spot', and avoiding either the cost of being ahead of the curve or the consequences of being behind it.

We work at the intersection of business and technology. Our decades of experience enable us to efficiently & accurately architect optimal technical solutions.

In particular, we have a deep expertise in crafting solutions for multiple industries, including events, athletics, media & digipub, higher ed, public sector and maturings startups.


Creating the World We Want

We do bold and meaningful work on tough projects for ambitious organizations.

Ideally, we get to make the impossible possible.

We use and advance the best technology tools in the world to do our work. In doing so, we aim help shape the world we want to live in, and leaving it better off for the next generation.

Our organization is a Public Benefit Corporation with a focus on environmental sustainability and open source contribution. We are also be pursuing B Corporation Certification.


Our Life's Best Work & Team

We are a team-first organization. We foster an environment that allow us do our life's best work, ideall as part of the strongest team that any of us has ever worked with.

We are structured to achieve collective and individual goals that far exceed what we could anywhere else.

Ultimately, we're building an organization that people will be proud to have worked with for generations to come.


We are headquartered in New York City.

Our distributed international team works on projects that span the globe.

For all inquiries or potential projects, please contact us at